About This Project

I’m researching how companies effectively connect with consumers via social media. I’ll be following and studying two companies’ Twitter accounts to see the way they interact with their followers. I decided to compare and contrast one large company and one local company to see the different methods they would use. For my large company I chose JetBlue Airways. I chose it because after Google-searching for companies that are successfully using Twitter, I found JetBlue praised for both its humor and service. Mashable writer Jennifer Grove described it as one of the best Twitter brands, Rachel Sprung praised its excellent Twitter responsiveness, and Pamela Vaughan described it as one of 14 funny brands “you can’t help but follow.” I chose Kilroy’s on Kirkwood as my local company because as I’ve been following them the past couple years I’ve noticed they also have a good mix of humor and responsiveness.

I’m interested in this topic because I plan to go into public relations. As a PR professional you are the face of a company and now that often involves managing social media. PR professionals manage press, good or bad. Social media allows for consumers’ praise and criticism to go public quickly and PR professionals have to be ready to respond. Along with managing criticism, PR professionals also have to use social media to give the company a personality and a voice. I’ve already managed social media for three jobs/internships that I’ve had and there is a good chance I’ll end up doing it in my future. Learning how to connect with consumers and surveying how a few companies manage their own Twitter accounts will help me more effectively utilize social media for the company I work for in the future.


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